Dedicated Teams: 4 tips to improve management

29 August, 2019 |

With the constant technological advances, many companies find their technology departments saturated with the amount of work and demand required, both for internal and external customers. To fulfill these projects in the indicated delivery time and respecting the allocated resources, many tech leaders often opt for Dedicated Teams, offered in a variety of formats, either Onshore, Offshore or, as in our case: Nearshore.

One of the main benefits of Dedicated Teams is the saving of time, money and effort; coupled with the fact that technology leaders do not necessarily have to dispense with the management of the entire process or department, since those profiles required for the complete development of the project, they are easily added to demand. Finally, we add the fact that the company saves the expenses of hiring and/or retaining of highly qualified profiles.

Based on this, let’s look at four recommendations for optimal management of Dedicated Teams:

Step 1 – Analysis of the initial need
The process begins with a meeting between the customer’s technical team and our Product and Application Development Leader. This will achieve a complete understanding of the scope, cost, profiles needed and technologies involved in the project.
This vital phase is based on clear communication and a lot of detail orientation, since it is the starting point of the project

Step 2 – Definition of the Staff Augmentation strategy
Once the main aspects of the project have been thoroughly studied, as well as the scope, costs and expectations; Both companies conduct an in-depth analysis of the customer service process and its product development requirements. If you need to include a more detailed and specific profile, our IT Recruitment Team reviews our talent group to find the most suitable candidates and include them in the project in the selected time frame. It should be noted that the client, at all times, is being informed about how progress is being made in the team formation process.

Step 3 – Dedicated Team training
With a generalized understanding of the present and future needs of the company, our technical team and that of the client advance in the formation of the final team, taking into account that each has specific responsibilities and functions with a view to the correct execution of the project.

To be part of our team, each developer must possess considerable technical knowledge, demonstrate practical skills, certifications in certain methodologies (if required) and good interpersonal relationships between their peers and with the client. It should be noted that, depending on the complexity of each project and providing for any eventuality or additional need, more members can be added to the team.

Step 4 – Follow-up process
Once the development process has begun and the profiles are fully integrated with the customer’s technical team; Our project leaders determine follow-up programs that consist of closed meetings with collaborators to evaluate how the project unfolds, seeking to hear and correct them.
Secondly, private follow-up sessions are carried out with the client, here it is sought to validate if the resources have been integrated correctly and if any optimization should be performed.

After more than 25 years of experience and having worked for more than 100 clients from multiple industries, we have managed to establish important quality parameters to determine if a profile is suitable for a given project, as well as to perform the necessary optimizations in each phase of the same.